Our Story

Anggelic is owned and managed by design trio Maciej Bielicki (Matt), Bartek Kubas (Bart) and Robert Sledz (Rob), working from our stunning showroom on 82 Chapel Market in Islington.

Established in 2018, Anggelic has grown from being a small building company and bespoke window, kitchen, wardrobe, stone, metal finish supplier to one of the most respected in the surrounding areas.

We design, supply and install kitchens and bathrooms for rooms of virtually any size. We can help with projects from a compact en-suite through to a huge, open-plan kitchen or multiple rooms.


I have founded Anggelic because I saw a need for an independent bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe design, windows/doors supply and installation company in the Islington area that was centred entirely around the customer.

My background is business and marketing, but I have always wanted to use my creative flair and interior design skills. I’m realistic and I know that great rooms don’t just happen, so I always act as project manager, paying attention to the details that take our clients projects to another level. My aim is to always be pushing limitations: if your room is small, we’ll make it look bigger; if it’s dark, we’ll bring in light; if you have a busy family, we’ll make sure it’s practical and simple to keep clean as well as beautiful.


I specialize in all types of windows and doors.

I have joined Maciej in his venture as we have been friends for years, but not only for that, since we have been collaborating together we have always had things done to the highest possible level of satisfaction not only product wise but customer service and what is most important for us is how quickly we deal with the situation something goes wrong and to make customer happy without any additional cost. No matter the size of the project, our moto is “if we would have been the clients, what kind of level of service would we expect?’’

For us is very important to have fun in what we do, if there is no fun we are not doing this.


Furniture and technical support.

We have combined our ideas and designs with Maciej to lead new lines of bespoke furniture.

We are designing new styles and solutions implemented and combined with functionality and ergonomics for our clients. My role here is to advise and check if whatever we are going to design with Maciej or clients would be technically achievable using the latest available technology and modern materials. In a hugely growing world for uniqueness my job is very demanding to please our costumer’s.