Incredible strength and security – steel is the strongest material on the market for windows and doors, incomparable to supposedly similar products made of aluminium. Our custom steel frames will last a lifetime, most likely outliving the buildings they are installed into. Our windows and doors are available with a multi- point locking system, this will enhance the security of your home.

All our products are powder coated which gives outstanding performance against atmospheric conditions, it has been designed for countries where temperature difference between winter and summer can reach from -30 to +30 and humidity is extremely high causing an accelerated rusting process.

Powder coating is a fast-growing method of adding colour to metallic surfaces. For example: galvanizing, it is carried out under carefully controlled conditions in a factory.

However, when you powder coat metals, the pre-treatment of the galvanized surface will depend upon which of the many powder types such as polyester, epoxy, or hybrid is being used. This usually includes a form of chemical pre-treatment such as chromating or phosphating, gentle heat treatment, followed by application of the powder.

The successful application of a powder coating to any metallic surface requires the multi-step instructions provided by the powder manufacturer to be respected in every detail. For this reason, an experienced or approved applicator is performing all our projects.